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Solid Conservatory Roofs are a great way to revitalise your tired conservatory. Solid roofs are generally designed as a replacement for tiled roofs on an existing conservatory and can be fitted without any need for the current windows, whilst still making a home extension a more comfortable place to live.

We at SupaLite help you whether you’re changing from a normal conservatory to a solid roof conservatory or need a conservatory built from scratch with the addition of a solid conservatory roof we’ll be happy to fit the new roof whilst it’s being made, making it easier and saving money for you in the future. Contact us today for a quote!

The SupaLite Solid Conservatory roof service converts your existing conservatory into a useable room all year round to use as you see fit. SupaLite South Wales offers you a high quality solid conservatory roof and through our many years of experience we help in setting up and removing old conservatory with your new, state of the art, lightweight Solid Conservatory Roof.

Conservatories both roofing and structure are continually evolving thanks to a combination of technology and demand. The next generation of living spaces is already here, changing the very essence of what we call a conservatory and a home extension. With a solid roof conservatory you get an incredibly flexible, multi-functional living space at a low cost, and you can use as a living area or even a study, the choice is yours, all we do is change it from a room you use sometimes and to a room you can use all the time.

Acting as an extension the solid roof offers you reduced noise disturbance both from internal and external sources, eliminates sun glare and reduce heat loss. We add solid conservatory roofs with a comfortable tiled appearance whilst being more lightweight when compared to a full tiled roof extension but with just as many benefits for your home and conservatory.

Solid Conservatory roof conversion