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Conservatory Roofs SupaliteIt allows you to enjoy your conservatory 12 months of the year
A normal conservatory roof becomes has too much heat and glare through the summer, and is much too cold through the winter. A solid conservatory roof is better insulated and protects from extremes of heat and sunlight, allowing you to get more use out of your conservatory.

Conservatory ceiling insulationThey are Energy Efficient
Tiled conservatory roofs regulate heat better as they are much better insulators than the usual glass or uPVC roof panels used on conservatories. This means they will also be much more energy-efficient, keeping more heat within your home.

Tiled Conservatory roof conversion
There is minimal disruption to print
A SupaLite roof can be fitted in just one week, meaning that there is minimal disruption for you. You can have a usable conservatory before you know it!
Replacement conservatory Supalite roofIt’s easy to get Planning Permission
It is much easier to get planning permission for a conservatory or a conversion to a tiled roof, than it is to get permission for a full extension. That makes a conservatory with a tiled roof the easiest way to expand the living space in your home. Even in properties that are listed, planning permission can still often be agreed for conservatories with tile roofs.

Replacement conservatory roofThey offer reduced Noise and Glare
The enhanced insulation qualities of a SupaLite roof will also improve protection against noises outside, meaning they are perfect if you live near a busy road or other noisy area. They also offer much enhanced shielding form bright sun glare, especially through the summer.

Replacement conservatory roofThey are Highly Secure
A standard conservatory roof can be a security risk, as they can be vulnerable to break-ins. A SupaLite roof offers much greater security for your property.